Rafael Masó

Rafael Masó

Rafael Masó i Valentí (1880–1935)

Rafael Masó was one of the most outstanding Catalan architects of the early TWENTIETH century. Masó was born in Girona to a conservative, Catholic, Catalanist and illustrated family. The cult atmosphere brought about by the literary and artistic interests of his father, as well as the love of the city and its traditions, marked the personality and the trajectory of the future architect. An admirer of Antoni Gaudí, during his studies at Barcelona Masó he joined the group of artists and writers who would create the alternative to Modernisme, that is, Noucentisme. The civic attitude, catalanism, and the modernizing and Europeanist character that the Noucentisme advocated, led Masó to distinguish himself as a poet, urbanist, politician, and promoter of art and literature.

More information at the Rafael Masó Foundation


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