Bells Oficis - Bed&Breakfast ยท Girona

The building where we are now was, in the beginning of the XXth Century, the Galeria dels Bells Oficis (Gallery of the Nice Trades). It is a building that has been included by the City Council of Girona in the Plan for Protection of Heritage. It was built by Rafael Masó in 1919 and there are still conserved some elements of the original decoration. It's located in an alley called Germans Busquets (Busquets Brothers), a well-known and multifaceted family, very involved in Girona's cultural life of that time.

This alley is within La Rambla, in the very centre of Girona, an avenue of pedestrians plenty of open air bars and shops, invaded by florists and flowers on Saturdays. Two steps away (literally) there is the Tourist Office and a short walk away you'll find the Cathedral, Sant Feliu, The History Museum and the Cinema Museum, the Jewish quarter (El Call), that is, the essence of Girona's old quarter, not to forget the River Onyar, with the houses over it and their laundry hanging, the gulls and the bridges.

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