Bells Oficis - Bed&Breakfast · Girona

Girona is a small town plenty of history, narrow streets, monumental buildings, little bridges and crossed by four rivers. It's a town to get lost having a walk, shopping, finding out lovely corners and little surprises at every step: lively cafès, small shops, big histories and outstanding events such as Fires (Girona's local holidays), the Flowers Exhibition, the Theatre Festival "Temporada Alta" (High Season) or the World's Religious Music Festival.

Lively nights, a big amount of restaurants and a very important museum heritage offer you a wide range of possibilities to choose what you want to do during your stay. Not to forget that Girona is located just 80 km. away from Barcelona, and 30 minutes away from the Costa Brava and Figueres, and less than 2 hours away from the Pyrenees!

[Aprofita el temps que corra com l'aigua]